The Trip--Photos

      Hotel and restaurant on the central square in    
   It  was named after Friedrich Schiller, an eighteenth-        .
           century writer, who was born in Marbach.                                 


 The Palimidi, a medieval fortification above the city of Nafplio,       



     Our house (actually Marie Christine's and Jacque's                                        house) in Blanzat.  It is big! 

       In our dining room, no words needed.  Cheese is on

                                the table somewhere. 

Celebrating Christmas.  Pat and Bobbie, left.  A student, whom I can't identify.  Another student, hidden by Richard.

                                     Drying Laundry. 

                                    On the street in Paris. 

     At a Paris sidewalk cafe.  We could not resist the hat.

              The Little Dog was probably embarrassed.


                               The Little Dog in his chariot. 


                      Remnants of the ancient city wall, Marbach.                 



   The Medusa, resting above the exit from the Medusa Bar in Corinth.




                                    Our street in Blanzat. 

                       Helga, returning from a shopping triip. 

               Richard, preparing snails (escargot) in the kitchen. 

                                       Studying French. 

                                Being  admired in Paris.


                                            In Norman. 

      A typical house in central Marbach.  The interior has   been modernized, but the exterior is carefully  preserved.

                   All of these houses are inhabitaed. 

                              The Bellevue Hotel  in Corinth. 


The little corner grocery store in Blanzat.  It is really located on a corner, a dangerous curve on a narrow street, the village's main street. The Little Dog refused to walk there,  even though there is a sidewalk. 


            The mural that suddenly appeared in Blanzat.

      Richard and my friend Sherry Best, an artist from  

                                   Idaho Falls, Idaho.                                          


      Waiting to have the huge door to our apartment building 

                                     opened, in Paris.

       The incredible cakes Ingrid and I bought for our feast in 


     Can Fly
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