The Little Dog

                         RICHARD, THE LITTLE DOG 


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  DACHSHUNDS CAN FLY vividly and humorously relates the    adventures of two adults and one dog becoming acquainted    with French people, dogs, and culture.


Traveling with a dog in Europe, specifically in Greece and Germany, can be hilarious, frustrating and entertaining.

Whether you like dogs, or travel, or a new cultural experience, you will be entertained by the Little Dog and his companions in DACHSHUNDS CAN FLY.


THE LITTLE DOG adored French bread.  He could hear the 

bread  drawer open anywhere in the house, even if he was in

the basement.  Here he is showing what he could do if he

wanted a treat.


        Traveling is one of life's great pleasures


        Traveling with a dog is one of life's great challenges

              Traveling with a Dachshund---------well, read:


                      D A C H S H U N D S   C A N   F L Y 



     LEFT:  The Little Dog chasing quinces in our French

                  front yard.                                 

                                                 The Little Dog with Richard and Helga before his trip to Europe

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