DACHSHUNDS CAN FLY


                                                 Helga Stipa Madland

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Traveling with a dog, especially a dachshund, is entertaining and challenging.  In the early nineties, my husband Richard and I spent a short time traveling in Germany and Greece and after that lived in France for one year, with our dog.  Our dachshund's name was also Richard; in order to avoid confusion, we called him the Little Dog.

The Little Dog, who already had strong opinions about his likes and dislikes, fell in love with French bread.  No one could remove it from his mouth once it had landed there, which happened frequently.  His antics, and his relentless energy and enthusiasm are a formidable presence in this true story of travel, food, and daily life in another culture.

This book will appeal to travelers, armchair travelers, dog lovers, dachshund lovers, francophiles, foodies, and anyone who likes a funny story about people and dogs. 

Contact:  land@ou.edu

Bumper sticker seen on the campus of the University of Oklahoma:  "Your honor student is a pawn in my dachshund's world domination plot."


       Dachshunds rule!

"Dachshunds Can Fly" on Kindle had 919  free downloads on a five-day promotion! THE DACHSHUND IS FLYING!

October 2012

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